Top 10 Things you will not hear at Cisco Live this year

Cisco Systems invitation only for all press is not good for the press

So yet another year goes bye and I received no email about press credentials for Cisco Live. For some of you who don’t know, Cisco Live has a policy that it is an invitation-only event for any member of the press. So, if you are like me and you question what they do, you don’t get an invite. As always, I have come up with alternative plans, which means a top ten list. Just not any top ten list, but a list of things you will not hear at Cisco Live this year.

With that introduction let’s start:

No 10

The Nexus 7000 is reaching its maximum backplane performance at 550Gb/s. Arista is just getting started at 648Gb/s per slot.

No. 9

Illinois' largest healthcare system uproots Cisco to build $40M private cloud.

No. 8

Is the State of West Virginia "grossly" overpaying for Cisco routers? Another story you won't hear about at Cisco Live, but the government is investigating.

No. 7

Cisco is now up to four failed consumer products: Music Director multi-room home audio system, Flip camcorder, Umi videoconferencing system, Cius tablet.

No. 6

Cisco WAAS dropped to what some people say is 6th in the last Gartner WAN Optimization Report for 2012.  But they won Best of Interop for a new WAAS feature that they could not display at Interop, did not have on the floor and provided no information about. This shows the power of PowerPoint.

No. 5

Cisco has been doing SDN networks for years. Padmasree Warrior stunned the audience when she mentioned in her Interop keynote that Cisco has been delivering Software-defined Networking for 3 years.  

No. 4

Cisco gear made its way to Iran even though there are sanctions in place.

No. 3

Cisco systems has responded to my request for the Made in America blog of where equipment is manufactured by the vendors. They will tell everyone where all equipment is made and what countries.

No. 2

Every Cisco Nexus customer is going to get the same deal as Purdue University: 76% off discount.

No. 1

The number one thing you will not hear at Cisco Live this week: the new CEO of Cisco Systems is Padmasree Warrior.

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