Khan Academy's Salman Khan double dips: delivers commencement addresses at MIT and Rice

Salman Khan shares words of wisdom about "civilization-scale" online education and beyond

Salman Khan, a triple MIT alum whose non-profit Khan Academy has had a huge impact on online education, delivered the commencement address at MIT this spring.

Among other things, he speaks about early efforts by MIT and others to support online education without focusing entirely on profit, such as through the OpenCourseWare program, and through newer efforts, such as MIT and Harvard's edX. Plus, some Hogsworth-MIT comparisons.

But Khan didn't just deliver MIT's address. He also delivered the commencement address at Rice University in Houston (an alum from which donated $10K to Khan Academy early on...and then much more). Among his messages, stay positive and recognize others when you see them do something great. And yes, the material in his talks is different...

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