Pentaho wants to make Hadoop easy

Even non-programmers can now use the power of Big Data.

Everyone wants to be in on the Big Data gold rush. But the fact is using Hadoop and many other Big Data tools takes some specific skills and experience that put the power of big data analytics beyond the reach of many us. Pentaho, the open source powerhouse in the business intelligence space, wants to change that equation. 

Pentaho's visual user interfaces allow even non-programmers the ability to mine Hadoop, NoSQL and other big data data stores for valuable and meaningful analysis. Time for development and deployments are slashed with the Pentaho solution.

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Pentaho is working with a wide variety of big data vendors across the whole specturm of the big data space

Most recently the Pentaho solution was chosen by Dell, along with Hadoop vendor Cloudera, as part of Dell's Apache Hadoop Solution package. I spoke with Pentaho's Ian Fyfe about the Dell announcement and the big data market in general. He says that when Dell enters a market it is a sign that the market has reached a level of maturity, indicating a critical mass of users. But with Hadoop and NoSQL, the lack of qualified programmers is still holding back even greater growth. Pentaho's visual interface could be the ticket to really see this market take off. It could bring the power of Big Data into everyone's hands.

In the meantime momentum continues to build as 2012 is shaping up to be the year of Big Data.

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