Citrix, Microsoft, Dell, & VMware Reinvent Desktop Delivery

Desktop Delivery Redefined

There are a few stars aligning that are about to make application and desktop delivery an interesting task for IT.

1. Device proliferation - It's impossible to stop this and IT has to figure out how to change or risk productivity issues.

2. OS refresh - Win 8 is knocking on the door, set to be released the end of October, and will spawn some awesome new hardware platforms.

3. Applications - Apps are popping up like summertime weeds in your garden and these apps are web-based, developed for a mobile OS, and have awesome stickiness with consumers.

You also have a vendor strategy shift that is heating up - FAST. For example it wasn't long ago that we all thought that VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) was going to be the next hot, super successful technology to hit the market. VDI isn't dead by any means, but the problem it is out to solve deserves a multi-pronged approach that VDI will never solve.

VMware is in the process of wrapping all its end-user computing solutions under Horizon.

Citrix announced project Avalon and just announced Cloud Gateway 2.

Dell acquired Quest and, while they haven't been vocal about it, I think workspace delivery is the sleeper of the acquisition

.Microsoft is ripe with announcements that this year - System Center 2012, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, Azure......ensure that they are a player.

The list goes on and I'm convinced that this next wave of PC and OS refresh will return some exciting times!

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