Cisco vs. Huawei Competitive Testing by Miercom will it ever happen?

USA Vendor vs. China Vendor

Since making its way into the USA market Huawei turned to Miercom to try and validate its equipment to the American Market. We all know Miercom as the hired test center that Cisco uses against every competitor it has in the market space (Brad Reese Cisco vs Competitor). But now that Miercom has found a new sugar daddy in Huawei, will we ever see a competitive test against Cisco?

In the testing that Miercom has done for Cisco for all sorts of different appliances that Cisco sells, they have never lost a test. Some might say that's great, others say the testing works for whoever pays for the test. But will Cisco or Huawei ask for a completive test against each other and who would win? It would be an interesting play for the winner as Huawei has everything to gain and Cisco has everything to lose. But a real world test with routers, switches, firewalls and wireless would be very interesting.

So who will pull the trigger first and who would win? I don't think Miercom will allow it as they are both customers, the loser would surely pull business from Miercom with a loss and the winner would want more testing.  So the question is asked again who would win and will we ever see it?

I think Cisco should first ask for a security test with the most recent article that came out about Huawei and their IOS security problems (Expert: Huawei routers are riddled with vulnerabilities). Even if Cisco would lose I don't see any major American company going with Huawei due to security concerns and the ties Huawei has to the China government. But going back, it's all wishful thinking as we will never see a competitive test.  

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