Awesome interactive map shows global internet usage stats

Akamai's quarterly State of the Internet report is out, and it comes with an interactive map that's great for wasting time.

Akamai recently released its quarterly State of the Internet Report, which shows a pretty interesting breakdown of internet usage and security trends across the globe. But why read about this when you can scroll around an interactive map that shows you the figures for each country? It makes for a good geography lesson, too.

A screenshot of an interactive map showing total unique IP address by country. The lighter the color blue, the higher the number of IP addresses.

Found here, Akamai's State of the Internet Map Visualization is a great way to lose some time in your work day. You can select a metric - average connection speed, average peak connection speed, unique IP addresses, and broadband adoption - and scroll a mouse over the map to see how each country stacks up. Personally, I got caught up with IP addresses. It's an interesting metric in the smartphone/tablet era, especially when considering the U.S. and China combine for roughly 190 million of the world's IP addresses, while a country like Somalia only has 184. The office you're sitting in while you read this probably has more than that.

A chart showing China's average peak connection speed from Q3 2007 through Q4 2011 (image courtesy of Akamai)

If you want to dig deeper, the site also provides a search bar for growth information (as seen above). Users can type in a country or U.S. state and select a metric to get a line graph showing how connection speeds or broadband adoption have progressed since 2007.

If you're looking for a distraction from work, it's worth checking out.

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