SimpliVity Sets Sail

Inovation drives improved IT infrastructure architecture

IT Organizations are realizing benefits in terms of efficiency, cost, time, and resources by moving from the traditional DIY (do it yourself) approach to virtualizing their environments to one that leverages integrated and turnkey solutions. SimpliVity's OmniCube solution makes it easy for organizations to make the shift from a complex to a simple infrastructure, enabling them to simultaneously improve the management of their virtualized environment while dramatically simplifying their infrastructure.

SimpliVity OmniCube

For all its great success stories, the full potential of server virtualization remains bogged down by extreme complexity in the underlying infrastructure. SimpliVity strives to help IT organizations grapple with this complexity by flattening and greatly simplifying the infrastructure in an easy-to-consume, scalable, and highly efficient OmniCube. The Omnicube:

  • Is an integrated platform designed for virtualization and aimed at improving and simplifying infrastructure required in a virtualized environment.
  • Builds virtualization in at the server layer with a common hypervisor and a storage layer that delivers the data management functionality, performance, protection, and capacity required in a highly virtualized environment.
  • Turns IT infrastructure into invisible, manageable hardware where operations and information are managed on a per VM basis and the infrastructure responds as it should.
  • Provides an ideal IT building block comprised of server, storage, and network resources in a scalable 2U form factor.
  • Uncovers newfound means of capacity optimization, data mobility, caching, WAN optimization, and global data tiering.
  • Leverages standard x86 hardware and has a custom hardware card for each node to offload and accelerate processing.
  • Integrates with existing virtualization infrastructure investments.
  • Allows a single administrator to manage any number of OmniCubes globally, anywhere, all on a VM-basis, from a single pane of glass: vCenter.

OmniCubes are deployed in a network of two or more, called the OmniCube Global Federation which provides the means for scalability, efficient data transfer across data centers, and high availability within the data center. While ESG Lab has not formally tested and analyzed the OmniCube, we were impressed during a product demonstration with its ability to provide efficient data movement, resource sharing, and seamless scalability in a compact form factor. The OmniCube is built with the VM administrator in mind and immediately enables VM admins to shift their mindset to higher value tasks with the confidence and trust in deploying IT infrastructure that is designed to perform well in a highly optimized fashion.

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