Twitter’s mixed bag of ‘users’ deal with a broken link

A few of Mashable’s 3 million Twitter followers flunk retweeting test


The headline on a Mashable story, as conveyed via Pete Cashmore's Twitter account, read: "What Triggers Universities to Send Emergency Alerts Through Social Media?"

The topic interests me, so I hit the link, only to discover that it was broken.

Being a helpful sort, I thought I'd reply to the tweet and let them know. However, three other helpful sorts had beaten me to it (the big circle above).

There's no shortage of helpful people on Twitter.

Curiously, though, the story - which no one could read -- had also already been retweeted by eight Twitter accounts. And two had found the story they couldn't possibly have read so compelling that they had marked it a "favorite."

There's no shortage of pretenders (or bots) on Twitter, either.

By the way, I did find the story by searching Mashable's site and it was not worth the effort, primarily because the university officials interviewed really didn't have a good answer to the question.

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