One Of My Favorite Security Tools Goes Enterprise

Malewarebytes offers enterprise edition with support

If you work in the IT space (and I assume most of you reading this do) you know that you are the unpaid home IT consultant for most of your friends and family in non-IT careers. If something goes wrong or is not working they call you for help. Looking for a new computer or wireless router? Should I go Mac after all these years of Windows? What about the cloud? I think I have a virus, or one of my favorites, "I think my computer died." We have all heard this from our friends and family. It's OK though. After all, we all have lots of extra hours because we don't work hard enough. After dealing with computers and technology all day, we don't mind coming home and dealing with their problems for free.

To be fair though, nothing about being the unpaid help desk person is more gratifying than when we can act like wizards. Like any good magician, we never want to reveal our secrets. But we all have our own special tools that we use to fix many of these common problems, and in the process make it look like more magic than science.  

For me, one of my favorites is Malwarebytes. While most folks at home are running Norton, McAffee, Trend or one of the other anti-virus (I know they are more than anti-virus), it doesn't seem to stop them from becoming infected with some sort of malware or another. When I suspect something I like to download and run Malwarebytes to see what we are dealing with. I can't tell you how many times I have found nasty things on friends' and family members' computers that Malewarebytes turned up. Sometimes, the stuff it found may not have been the cause of the problem, but it really helped my holier-than-thou attitude if I could point to something they were infected with. Plus, they had a fully functional free version. Who could ask for more?

Best of all, very few of the people I used Malwarebytes on had ever heard of it. I may have as well been running Alan's secret brew. It was a great little program that many an IT person has used to try and find exactly why a machine won't boot, is running really slowly or not allowing AV to update. Even in the office, many non-IT folks were not aware of Malewarebytes. Though it had been downloaded millions of times since its launch in 2008, it has been an IT person's tool.

But all of that is about to change. Malwarebytes, the little company that could, is now going Broadway. They have launched their first enterprise version of the product. It is aimed at greater than 100 desktops organizations. They also have another commercial offering for smaller companies. It comes with all of the bells and whistles you would expect in an enterprise product.

Malwarebytes is not really competitive to AV products. It is complimentary and strictly an anti-malware scanner. It is great for zero-day type threats and finding things that just don't belong. I had a chance to speak with Marcus Chung, EVP, COO of Malwarebytes. Marcus said that in fact Malwarebytes is partnering with several AV type vendors. According to Chung, the same great things that made Malwarebytes such a great tool for security pros, namely the ability to find bad stuff on your computer when other products can't, will make it a hit with the enterprise as well.

So perhaps the cat will be out of the bag. Malwarebytes, I am sure, will be a big hit with organizations across the globe. Marcus and the rest of the Malwarebytes team will be very happy. Better yet, maybe we will have a better profile in finding and snuffing out malware. But I may just lose one of my favorite computer magic tricks.

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