Man held iPhone for ransom, police charge

$40 iPhone ransom could lead to jail time

Sadly, it's  likely not the last time you'll hear of this but kind of stupidity but, a Pennsylvania man was arrested recently for refusing to return an iPhone he found unless he was paid a $40 ransom.

According to a report on The Smoking Gun and the Pennsylvania-based Upper Saucon Patch, the story began when Donna Barr's daughter lost the iPhone 3 GS at the Rave Movie Theatre on Sept. 7.  

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After hearing that her daughter lost the phone, Barr called the iPhone only to allegedly get Erick Rosales Rojo on the other end who said if she wanted the phone back, he needed to get $40. 

But rather than just succumb to Rojo's wishes, she contacted the Upper Saucon police.

According to the Smoking Gun, an officer posing as the woman's father then contacted Rojo and told him "there was no reward for the phone and that he was in possession of a stolen phone." When Rojo was asked to just mail the phone back, he replied, "No, I would like some cash for it."  When Rojo subsequently showed up the next day to exchange the iPhone for cash, he was arrested.

Rojo faces charges of theft and receiving stolen property and an attempt to profit off of the theft of the lost or mislaid property.

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