Army special operations wants battlefield biometric tech

US Army Special Operations group wants ability to gather face, fingerprint, iris data

The US Army Special Operations group wants to find out what it takes to build rugged biometric tools it can use under battlefield conditions.

Specifically the U.S. Special Operations Command issued a Request For Information from the biometric industry on how to best develop and measure the performance of rugged biometric devices it could use for a number of applications including bomb forensics and personnel identification.

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Special Operations expects to gather a variety of information including:

  • Assess face/fingerprint/iris collectability
  • Assess face/fingerprint/iris quality and matchability (using DoD standard algorithms)
  • Usability by characterizing the number/severity of operator mistakes and the usability of collected data
  • Technical data collection, to measure the quality and accuracy of the device sensors
  • Operator evaluations to determine usability and ergonomic factors.

The group expects to test specific biometric devices Ft Bragg, NC by the end of the year. 

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