Did 'Completely Wrong' Romney Google bomb himself?

Looks like The Law of Unintended Consequences has struck again


Spotted a few minutes ago on Google+, the invitation to enter the phrase "completely wrong" into Google Images -- written over a photograph of Mitt Romney - promised to produce the predictable results of a prankish Google bomb.

So who could resist? I did as recommended and the payoff was the above photo.

But there may be a bit of an unexpected twist here in that it's possible this is not the work of a prankster. Romney may have unwittingly done this to himself, notes Slate writer Will Oremus, when the candidate attempted to walk back those "47 percent" remarks that have proven so troublesome to his campaign ... by calling them "completely wrong."

" ... This doesn't seem to be the work of a prankster or political foe," Oremus writes. "As far as I can tell, Romney's association with 'completely wrong' is a natural product of Google's search algorithms in action. So many news outlets picked up his retraction of the '47 percent' comments that those articles simply dominate the top results. In other words, this is entirely self-inflicted. And it's not likely to go away anytime soon: A quirk of these types of Google problems is that they tend to be self-reinforcing as more people search the phrase to see the results for themselves."

Go ahead, you know you want to.

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