Seems that balky Amazon data center cries wolf, too

Former firefighter tells the tale on Reddit


Yesterday's recurrence of reliability issues at the Northern Virginia facility of Amazon Web Services prompted one commenter on Reddit to facetiously suggest that the company "should burn that datacenter to the ground. It's cursed."

Which elicited this reply:

"I'm an ex-firefighter who has responded to the Amazon Northern Virginia data center MANY times due to false fire calls.

"They have a cooling tower on the roof and it used to have an orange light pointing at it. At night, from a distance, people would think the building was on fire and call 911. This would generate a 'box' alarm (3 engines, a truck/rescue and an ambulance minimum). After multiple false calls in the same week you start to feel less urgently about the calls there. They eventually got rid of the orange light, but at night it can still look like smoke, not steam, is coming from the building when you're driving by it on the toll road.

"If the building were ever actually on fire ... it's plausible that they might not get service as fast as they could/should :)"

Which elicited this reply: "What a terrible place to put a :)"

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