True Halloween IT Horror Stories

In IT everyday can be a horror if you are not careful

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In celebration of Halloween I wanted to bring you some real-life horror stories from the IT world. You can listen in below as Nimrod "Nimmy" Reichenberg, VP of marketing and business development at Algosec, and Matthew Pascucci, a security researcher and writer who blogs at, share with us some of the more celebrated and interesting horror stories they have seen in IT recently.

Don't worry, the names have been changed in the stories to protect the not so innocent. Have a listen and remember that any day could be a horror in IT if you don't follow best practices and be mindful of the goblins and ghosts that can haunt a computer network. Most of these horror stories revolve around a series of missteps which add up to big problems for the unlucky organizations. All of them could have been easily avoided.

While I am at it, I should also mention that Algosec just released a new application called BusinessFlow. From their website:

BusinessFlow aligns application owners and network security teams by enabling application-centric security policy management. BusinessFlow allows application owners to request connectivity in application terms, and automatically computes any required changes to firewalls and routers, triggering the relevant change requests. BusinessFlow also enables network teams to understand the impact of any network changes on application availability. Security policy management for business applications can now be centralized and automated throughout their entire lifecycle, from deployment to ongoing maintenance and decommissioning. 

I mentioned to Nimmy that this does sound similar to a recent annoucement from one of Algosec's competitors, Tufin Technologies. Nimmy points out that is because customers are asking for this type of solution and both companies set to work to solve the problem. I guess time will tell which has the better solution. But if history is any judge, both of these companies have carved out places in the market for themselves. So probably both will gather customers.

Both Tufin and Algosec compete with Firemon, Red Seal Networks and Skybox Technologies in the firewall, change and risk management space.

In any event, enjoy the discussion and Happy Halloween!

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