Calling BS on McAfee's 'pre-written' blog posts

The rest of the hard-to-believe story might turn out to be true, but …

There is so much about the John McAfee soap opera that is unbelievable that it might seem pointless to highlight a single slice of malarkey, yet allow me to flag what I consider to be the fishiest tidbit in a tale that just reeks of low tide. Here's a blog post, allegedly written by McAfee, about what is purported to be his new blog chronicling his run from the authorities in Belize; it's headlined "If I am captured:"

If I am captured, this blog will continue. I have pre-written enough material to keep this blog alive for at least a year. In addition, the administrator, Chad, will continue to monitor comments. He will administer the reward and post any information received. In truth my continued involvement from this point is irrelevant.

In the event that I am captured, please continue to support this cause. It is a just cause and it needs International attention.

(Update: McAfee's blog admin explains his 'shocking' role.)

The "just cause" McAfee apparently alludes to is protecting his sorry hide from what he claims are corrupt and, he says, potentially murderous Belizean law enforcement agents looking to question - he says torture -- him about the murder of his neighbor. However, there is another cause self-evident here and it involves Chad Essley, administrator of McAfee's new blog, which is called "The Hinterlands."

(Not everyone has been paying attention to this story.)

Here's the blog's masthead:


Underneath it reads: " 'The Hinterlands' is also the title of an upcoming graphic novel by (the cartoonist) Chad Essley. 'The true story of my unusual friendship with the anti-virus king.' Available soon. "

Get out of town: You mean McAfee's brand-new blog called The Hinterlands - which is already pre-stocked with more than a year's worth of John McAfee's personally written blog posts, just in case he's captured - shares the same name with an "upcoming graphic novel" that will be "available soon" and is written by McAfee's friend who is not on the lam from the Belizean police?

The name thing I can accept. I mean who has time to think up an entirely new name for a blog when you're on the lam from the Belizean police and busy granting interviews to a seemingly endless string of reporters. I can hear McAfee conceding to Essley, just before donning a new disguise and dodging yet another posse, "Fine, we'll use the same name on the blog."

But a year's worth of pre-written blog posts? Check that; MORE than a year's worth?


Oh, and if you have any doubts about how avidly the press is lapping up every one of McAfee's words, whether on his/Essley's blog, via email or over the phone, here is an interview Dateline NBC correspondent Keith Morrison gave to Tamara Sniffen, editor of the San Pedro Sun (press-on-press interviews being a classic indicator).

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