Oprah tweets her love of Microsoft Surface tablets from her iPad

Oprah recently tweeted her love for all things Microsoft Surface... from her iPad

If you've taken a look around, Microsoft is marketing its new Surface tablets pretty aggressively. And despite some questionable guerrilla-style graffiti marketing, so far Microsoft's efforts have been rather intriguing - which is arguably essential for a device that has been on the receiving end of lukewarm reviews at best.

Sometimes, though, grand intentions yield counterproductive if not absolutely comical results. Such was the case earlier this week when Oprah was busy plugging the merits of the Microsoft Surface tablets... from her iPad.

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Microsoft's strange 'Microsoft Surface' advertisement

Yep, in a faux pas reminiscent of Apple notebook computers appearing in commercials for rival companies, Oprah may have been exclaiming her love of Microsoft surface tablets from the rooftops, but she didn't quite cover all of her bases.

The tweet in question reads, "Gotta say love that SURFACE! Have bought 12 already for Christmas gifts. #FavoriteThings".

Perhaps she didn't have enough room and meant the hashtag to read #FavoriteThingsForOtherPeople, because Oprah herself is rockin' an iPad.

The curious incongruence was first noticed on the Zagg website where a writer became hip to it while using the Tweebot iPhone app which, perhaps to Oprah's dismay, incorporates the source of the tweet into the app.

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