McAfee wants his guns back, admits poor aim

‘On-the-lam’ software celebrity issues apology to reporter

As we enter week three of this bizarre saga, please don't forget that reportedly on-the-lam John McAfee is a "person of interest" in the shooting death of his next-door neighbor. And I say that as much as a reminder to myself as anyone, given the seemingly inappropriate entertainment value that I am deriving from McAfee's frequent blog posts and tweets.

(McAfee's blog admin on his "accidental" role.)

Take this tweet from yesterday in which McAfee would appear to be pleading for the return of the guns Belizean lawmen confiscated from him back in the spring when they first raided his home, which was before his neighbor was murdered and he went on the run:


(Note to Belizean authorities: Try sending McAfee a reply tweet that reads, "Happy to return your guns, John. Come pick 'em up.")

Then there is today's blog post -- "An apology to Jeff Wise" - in which McAfee offers a mea culpa to one of the journalists who has been at the forefront of covering this story.  

I have erroneously accused Jeff Wise of improper behavior on a reporting trip that he did to my flying ranch in New Mexico.  I finally received the photos from that trip and was going to publish them, and when I looked at them, to my horror, it was a different reporter (whose name I will obviously not release) from a different magazine, on a different trip.  I wish that I could excuse myself due to the fact that I did dozens of interviews and appeared in dozens of magazines during my flying times in New Mexico, and could be expected to be confused, but that is no excuse.  Jeff's trip did not even include a campfire session.

Say what, you say? So did I, since I had not a clue as to what "improper behavior" McAfee may have falsely accused Wise of having committed. It wasn't hard to find, though ... on a McAfee blog post dated Nov. 17. Here's the passage in question with a few names deleted to protect even more of the innocent.

Jeff's first article about me was a piece in (a magazine) about my flying adventures in New Mexico. He stayed with us for a week or so and went flying/camping with my pilot friends and I as part of his stay. One of those friends was a beautiful young woman named (withheld). The first day he arrived he ended up spending the night with her. While camping, their intimacy was flaunted to the point that around the campfire, the lap-sitting, face kissing, fondling was so intense that I jokingly and loudly said "somebody get pictures of this to send to his wife in case we get a bad story from him". It was a joke. I joke a lot. Unfortunately, many pictures were taken and, as I am told, his wife did receive some. I had nothing to do with it. I could care less about who sleeps with whom, or where, or how - as long as it's not in my own bed while I'm trying to sleep. Well, to be honest, not even in the same room while I'm trying to sleep. Barring that, nothing could concern me less.

Jeff however, I truly believe, thinks that I sent the photos to his wife. If I had done so, then I would deserve whatever wrath he chose to mete out. But seriously, it's not my style. And if his mistaken suspicion is not the reason for his bulldog approach to sniffing out my life then I can't even guess at what twisted motives move this man.

So a man being sought for questioning in the shooting death of his neighbor asks for his guns back and apologizes for besmirching the good name of reporter whom he, McAfee, had accused of besmirching his, um, name as retaliation for believing that he tried to ruin his marriage.

And what does reporter Wise have to say about this latest turn? Naturally, it's on Twitter, too ... about a half-hour ago:


Like I said at the beginning, I know that a man was murdered ... but please pass the popcorn.

(Update, Nov. 27: Here's his latest post. Don't miss the comments.)

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