A geek named Jeff just tweeted his 100,000th tweet

That may seem like a lot of tweets, but …

You never know what's going to pop up in your Twitter stream. This just popped into mine:


Having no choice but to do the math, I can tell you that 100,000 tweets over six and a half years means that Jeff - who goes by @jeffisageek on Twitter - averaged 42 tweets a day for 2,373 days.

That's a tweet-load, by any standard. However, as I suspected, it is by no means a record. In fact, having tweeted 100,000 times does not qualify one for placement among even the top 1,000 Twitter accounts, according to Twitaholic.com.

Jeff's just going to have to pick up the pace.

I've sent him a few questions - via email - and hope he can find the time to answer.

(Update: Jeff got back. Here are my questions and his answers:

Your 100,000 tweets over six-and-a-half years means you've sent an *average* of 42 tweets per day for the 2,373 days. What do you have to say for yourself?

Sounds about right... I share a lot of information including check-ins, what I am watching, general tweets, and of course pictures of my daughter Rooney.  Also I like to share stories I find interesting or informative.

Are you aware that your 100,000 tweets does not even allow you to crack the top 1,000 tweetiest tweeters, according to this site? Are you going to pick up the pace or settle for mediocrity?

I am not surprised that I am not in the top 1000 there are some accounts that tweet way more then me.  Some are bots and some are just people that are in discussions via twitter and it really adds to their overall count.

I think I will stay at the same pace... really I don't feel like I have to do so much tweeting every day.  Some days I tweet more and some less.  I just let it flow naturally.

 What do you do in real life and how do you get it done given how much time you spend on Twitter?

In real life I work for Sprint.... I think in this day and age there is so much you can do to schedule tweets like one of my favorite services Buffer that you can have a bunch of stuff go out over a whole day even though you might have just been surfing the interwebs for an hour or so.  Very handy for us tweetaholics :) )

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