UpperCup: A coffee-drinking iPhone owner’s pipe dream

Alleged product pitch looks too loony to be true, but we’ll play along

Cup holders can come in handy. Same for iPhone cases, if you own an iPhone. So, it only makes sense that someone would design a combination cup holder and iPhone case for use while texting.

Of course, it makes absolutely no sense at all that anyone would actually build or buy such a contraption, so what we have here is almost certainly a publicity stunt of some kind. You can see why at a glance.


But there is an amusing video   ... and the jingle at the end is genuinely funny.

The company behind this alleged venture is a Dutch marketing firm called Natwerk  -- did I mention they're a marketing firm? - which is apparently soliciting funds for the "project" on Indiegogo.

(They said the iPhone would flop.)

I've sent the marketing firm an email with these three questions:

  • Is this a joke?
  • Is this a publicity stunt?
  • Are you telling me the truth?

Can't be too careful with the fact-checking these days.

(Update: Late afternoon and no reply yet. You don't think it could have anything to do with the tone of my questions, do you.)

(Update, Jan. 27: Natwerk admits it's "a joke." Translation: It's a publicity stunt.)

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