Twitter begins censoring Vine as Apple removes "Editor's Choice" label from the app

There've been a few new developments today pertaining to Twitter's new Vine app

Earlier today I wrote about how Vine, a new video sharing app from Twitter, was garnering its fair share of controversy due to an avalanche of pornographic videos that were populating the service. As it stands now, Vine is an iOS-only app which prompted many to wonder how Apple would handle things given their stricter stance vis a vis pornography as compared to Google.

Back in 2010 for example, Steve Jobs said that Apple has a "moral responsibility to keep porn off the iPhone," also adding that "folks who want porn can buy an Android phone."

So, clearly, Apple doesn't play around when it comes to adult content, and there is certainly no shortage of apps that have been refused entry into the app store on account of even tangential adult content.

Recently, Apple removed a popular photo sharing app called 500px because it was rather easy for users to browse around and find nude photos.

Well since my first post this morning, quite a bit has happened.

First off, Vine has already begun censoring certain hashtags, including #porn, #boobs, and #sex. Of course users have already begun coming up with workarounds to upload and find adult content, but its noteworthy that Twitter is taking measures to make the app more family friendly than it was before.

And from Apple's end, the company has already removed the "Editor's choice" tag that it had previously draped on Vine. We'll see if that's good enough to keep Vine in the app store in the wake of the 500px removal.

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