Samsung Galaxy S4, BlackBerry 10 & Megan Fox bathing with her Motorola phone among techiest Super Bowl 47 ads

Smartphone vendors will make big push during big football game

Smartphone vendors such as BlackBerry, Motorola and Samsung will swamp Super Bowl 47 TV coverage with ads funny and serious.

Samsung will try to pique curiousity over its "thenextbigthing -- the Samsung Galaxy S4 phone -- without actually mentioning the device, whose current version has helped the company close the sales gap between itself and Apple and its iPhone. Samsung employs comedy writers/actors Seth Rogan and Paul Rudd, along with Breaking Bad's Bob Odenkirk, in an ad about making a clever ad that doesn't actually mention the term "Super Bowl" out of fear of being sued by the NFL. The Galaxy S4 is expected to be announced formally around April.

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BlackBerry, meanwhile, might be going a more serious route as it tries to sell the audience on ditching iPhones and Android phones for the new BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 smartphones introduced this past week.

Unlike some others, BlackBerry (yes, the company changed its name from RIM this past week) has not leaked out ads before the Super Bowl. But one supporter of the company has issued a mixup ad that hypes the latest from BlackBerry, and here it is:

Finally, Motorola takes a page out of GoDaddy's book, and sexes up its Super Bowl ad, with Megan Fox sending the world into a frenzy by sexting out an image of herself taking a bubble bath.


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