Pi Day sales: Well, it's not quite Black Friday, but....

Microsoft, minor league baseball team among those holding 3.14-related sales in honor of Pi Day

The marketing geniuses are starting to catch on to international Pi Day, the annual March 14 (3.14...get it?) celebration of the the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

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Among the 3.14-related steals you can get today:

*Microsoft retail stores are offering 3.14% off the Dell Latitude 10 Tablet running Windows 8 (that amounts to $20.38 off the machine, which today is selling for $628.62).

*Interrobang Group is putting its Virtual Slide Rule for the iPad on sale March 13-17 in honor of Pi day for $2.99 (usually $4.99), and wanted to price it at $3.14, but the App Store won't allow that.

*Be sure to check local bakeries for $3.14 pie specials (here's a listing of Chicagoland ones).

*For those of you in the Gaston County, N.C. area, the local minor league baseball team (the Gastonia Grizzlies) is offering tickets for its season, which starts May 28, for $3.14 apiece. That's vs. the usual $7 or $9 ticket price.

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