Seems Google really can’t wait to get rid of Reader

This isn’t a good sign for those petitioning Google to reconsider


Yes, this is a tiny matter in the grand scheme of things. Heck, it's even a tiny matter in Google's unpopular scheme to retire Google Reader. But, honestly, are Google's sanitation engineers really in this much of a hurry to rid the company of RSS?

You see, I quite some time ago grew accustomed to accessing my Google Reader page via Google+. If you recall, Google very much wants Google+ users to "live" in Google+, and while it would be an exaggeration to say that I've taken up residence there, I have been a daily user of both it and Reader since Google+ launched.

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And Google+ had proven to be a convenient path to Reader, at least for me.


Now that path is gone. A mere week after Google announced Reader's impending demise and a full three-plus months before its scheduled July 1 shutdown, there appears to be no link to Google Reader from Google+ (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). Not in the main Google+ toolbar, not in the drop-down "more" menu, or on this page, which the menu promises contains "Even more."

I don't know exactly when this happened, but this morning I was stymied, at least momentarily, in my quest to reach my Reader.

(Yes, I could have actually bookmarked Google Reader, but I trusted Google and that whole bit about living in Google+. My bad.)

Fortunately, Google hasn't gone so far as to purge Google Reader from a good old-fashioned Google search (and, curiously, using the Google+ "more" drop-down menu from Google's search homepage does still produce a link to Reader).

Eventually, I found my Reader ... but I still needed to vent just a tiny bit. And I have to add: This doesn't appear to bode well for all those petitioning Google to grant Reader a reprieve.

(Update: And then there's this from C/Net: "Google undeletes RSS extension for Chrome browser.")

(Update, March 20: Same thing has happened with GMail. A colleague tells me that he has been in the habit of accessing Reader via his GMail account and had done so within the past day or two. Now that link is gone.)

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