YouTube change more unpopular than Congress?

That’s one way to see stats from, which has hosted 500,000 petitions


When announced yesterday that it has now hosted more than 500,000 petitions, the press release listed those individuals and entities that have most often been targeted by these grassroots virtual uprisings. You might think President Obama or the public's favorite punching bag, Congress, would head the list, but you'd be wrong.

The No. 1 target of petitions has been YouTube with about 3,000 separate petitions, followed  by Congress at 2,500, President Obama at 1,600, Google at 1,500 times and Facebook with 750 or so.

What's up with that? Why all the hating on YouTube?


My guess was that the petitions were mostly related to unwarranted DMCA takedowns. My guess was wrong.

"By far, the most common issue with YouTube has been about their channel redesign," a spokeswoman tells me. "Check out these petitions."

From the first one, which has attracted almost 13,000 signatures in about a month: "Speaking for the majority of the YouTube community, we are utterly horrified at the new layout and I truly hope YouTube will hear the cries of the loyal users."

The others - many, many others - read more or less the same.

If you haven't seen One Channel, here's where YouTube tries to sell it.

Obviously, there were also other and earlier grievances aired among those 3,000-plus YouTube-related petitions. And people by and large don't like change.

But when you're attracting more catcalls than Congress, that's one mighty unpopular redesign.

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