A conversation with Fortinet CEO Ken Xie

Taking Security and the future

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We relish head-to-head reviews, as our product performance speaks for itself. Unlike our competitors, we let our numbers do the talking. The most recent NSS Labs report on NGFW was just published. I would highly recommend that anyone look at their reports to see real world performance data, as well as in-depth analysis for best total cost of ownership. We're also going to participate in Network World's upcoming UTM shootout, which is scheduled for an issue later this spring.

19. If you could partner with one company right now to expand your product line or sales, who would it be and why?

If such a partner existed, we would have already partnered with them. As it stands, we have a great ecosystem of partners already. At this very point in time, I'm not convinced that there is one company right now that could improve our double-digit growth.

20. IPad, iphone or android? What do you own?

iPad and iPhone.

21. What kind of songs are on your mp3 player?

I listen to all sorts of music, ranging from classical to old school rock n' roll.

22. Being an executive like myself you have to have a release. Mine is golf or my handheld satellite radio. What is yours?

Running. I'm an avid runner and enjoy the mental as well as physical challenges that running presents.

23. Fly, drive or train; which would you take the most if you had the chance?

Given that Fortinet is a global company, I fly all the time. But, there are times when walking to my next meeting is most enjoyable.

24. In the movie Say Anything what was the iconic song that came out of that movie and inspired a generation?

You are referring to Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes." I had already liked that song when the album So, which is such a tremendous album, was released in 1986 - well before the movie made it popular.

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