Reddit meme suggests murder confession

After posting a popular Confession Bear meme that described a murder, the person behind it has begun deleting his online accounts.

The popular Confession Bear meme is typically used to make light-hearted personal confessions, like this one. But on Sunday, one Redditor's Confession Bear meme claiming that he murdered the abusive boyfriend of his sister brought on enough suspicion to lead him to delete his Reddit and Facebook accounts.

While the validity of the confession is still entirely in the air, some on Reddit have pointed out that the identity of the person behind the meme can be found quite easily. First reported by Uproxx, Reddit user "lionheart1610k" explained that information on the person who created the meme, ranging from name and location to job history and military rank, was available through a handful of web searches.

I'm not gonna post his personal info on here; the guy who did that got his posts mod-deleted.

But a ton of people saw it while it was up there (and have screenshots). His post history had his middle name and his birthday, plus his job history and military rank, as well as a ton of info about where he lived. A couple people googled his user name and found a steam profile with the same info and a FULL NAME which matched an FB profile and a number of other profiles.

He upvoted the info himself saying he didn't give a fuck, but then backpedaled, deleted all his stuff, closed his FB account, etc.

(Geek-themed Meme of the Week Archive)

Again, the entire ordeal could very well be a joke that simply went too far, but if that personal information is given to the authorities and the Redditor behind the post happens to have a sister whose boyfriend happens to have died from a drug overdose, then we may have just seen the most regretful Confession Bear of all time.

(Via Uproxx, Reddit)

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