Who will be the big winner in Las Vegas and who is just rolling the dice?

Who will be the winners in the desert?

It has not been that long since Huawei said they were exiting American market then tried to retract the statement to some extent. But here we are in Las Vegas and they have a large booth on the floor with a full presence. So what gives with Huawei? I have sent a few emails and have received no reply. So if this the last big hurrah in Las Vegas for Huawei or are they rolling the dice to see if people still want their products? 


The new buzzword has been SDN over the last few years, if I remember right it was the CTO of Cisco in a Keynote at Interop that said Cisco had been doing this for years before anyone knew what SDN really meant. With that said it will be interesting to see what new buzzword we come up with year and how it will impact spending. Should everyone be diving into the SDN philosophy? I would say no, there are many other things people need to do before they get to that point. But it will be a battle on the expo floor with who is the top dog in the SDN space.

Each year on the first day we have locals from Las Vegas who raid the expo floor with bags, suit cases and more just to get their hands on anything's that's free. Could this be the year that vendors pull back, not more free pens, shirts, mugs and more? I doubt it, but if I was a vendor I would hide everything that's no locked down. Many might roll the dice and offer no give-a-ways, but I doubt it as many feel it's the only way to get people to look at your products. The big winner here will be the locals who walk out with bags of free stuff that will be on eBay later on that day for sale.

The best part of Interop for me is the new start-ups that I get to see and meet with. These are the companies who are rolling the dice to come to Interop in hopes that someone will notice them. It could be a big break for one and a huge lose for others. Time will tell this week as to who will be the big winner.

As I have done each year, we will have the annual Larry Awards for Best Presentation at Interop on the expo floor. I am really looking to see if many took my advice and brought a good staff for the floor, someone who is not a pitch man to show your product. But a real employee who can convey the product and answer questions from the floor.

But it will be a good week in Las Vegas and there will be lots of coverage. 

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