Google may soon launch revamped interface for Google Maps - Rumor

Google may announce changes to Google Maps at next week's I/O conference.

The Google System blog this week announced that we can expect to see some interesting changes to Google Maps in the near future.

Google is about to launch a new interface for Google Maps. The update will remove the sidebar and will display everything on top of the full-screen map. One of the new features lets you restrict local search results to places recommended by top reviews or your Google+ circles.

Of course, it's no surprise that Google is leveraging its own properties, namely Google+ and Zagat, to further enhance the Google+ experience. What will be really interesting, though, is to see how Google's dismissal of the sidebar affects the utility of the app.

It's a more immersive interface that will probably work well on mobile devices. Instead of focusing on navigational elements, buttons and sidebars, the new Google Maps focuses on the map. Google has also updated map colors, icons, text styles.

While I'm a bit skeptical, I was also a bit skeptical about the Gmail redesign and I've certainly come around on those design changes.

That said, I'm excited to check out the revamped Google Maps when it's released, assuming of course that the rumor comes to fruition.

And just when might that be?

Well, as the website so coyly expresses, Google I/O is just a week away.

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