8 Great Videos from Interop

Hot new products, fresh insights from last week's big networking show

If you were busy last week attending the Interop show or doing other things network-related, here's a chance to watch some interesting videos we captured at the show, without needing to bog yourself down with a whole lot of text.

DisplayLink is one of my favorite companies - they make some great technology that enables users to connect multiple monitors and other displays to existing computers via USB. Before DisplayLink came along, you would need multiple video cards and cables in order to accomplish this. This latest video shows some of the cool things they're doing now, including connecting a Surface Pro tablet to an external touch-screen monitor (which includes a docking station in its base) and a Macbook Pro system connecting to a Lenovo docking station to provide multiple monitor extensions.

Since I don't work in a data center, the thought that new servers are heavy never really occurred to me. In fact, they are quite heavy, and as they get bigger, will only get heavier. The folks at ServerLift have a very nifty machine that can save data center workers from hurting their backs while installing new servers - this video shows one of their latest server handling lifters.

I've seen NETGEAR at many consumer-based tech shows, but they were here at Interop as well, touting its new ReadyData network-attached storage device. Aimed at small and midsize businesses, this latest box adds a bunch of IT-related features and functions that the average home user would likely not need.

At the ShoreTel booth, I was very impressed with its new iPad/iPhone-based docking station for a desktop VoIP system. For employees who are constantly using their iPhone or iPad for voice-based communications, this docking station lets them dock into the company's phone system seamlessly to provide better phone-like options (like a handset and mechanical hangup hook). Very impressive!

Speaking of NETGEAR, we also had a nice discussion with Peter Newton about some of the trends that IT staff from SMBs are most concerned about. Newton gives some information about what they're looking at in terms of security, storage, wireless and the cloud:

At the WatchGuard booth, we had a great interview with Corey Nachreiner, discussing what companies should do if they discover they've been hacked. Interestingly, running around the office screaming "Aaaaaah! We've been hacked!" was not one of the tips:

At the Axis Communications booth, we interviewed Robert Muehlbauer about the latest innovations and improvements in the IP video camera space. With renewed interest by companies and governments (including law enforcement) in the area of video surveillance, it's vital to understand the latest technologies and how they will impact your network:

With the 40th anniversary of Ethernet coming up next week, we took a chance to discuss with Rajiv Ramaswami from Broadcom about Ethernet's long domination within the networking space. Will wireless or some other transport technology take over as king of networking? Find out in this video:

Stay tuned for some other long-form videos we did from the show, including interviews with officials from Cisco, Juniper Networks and Verizon Terremark.

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