Siri takes on Google Now in video shootout

Siri and Google Now go head to head in a video shootout.

For as easy as it is to knock Google for getting into every market imaginable, you have to give the company credit for rather quickly transforming itself from a pure search company into a multi-faceted company with a bevy of services. Say what you will about Android, but Google's ability to enter the smartphone market and gets its nimble little mobile OS out in front of hundreds of millions of consumers is extremely impressive.

These days, Android and iOS are fighting toe to toe for mobile OS dominance, though Android does admittedly have a leg up when it comes to market share. Profit share, however, is another story.

In any event, the software gap between Android and iOS is seemingly getting smaller with each passing product cycle. One specific software area where iOS and Android are duking it out is in the realm of digital personal assistance, features otherwise known as Siri and Google Now.

Siri first launched with the iPhone 4S back in October of 2011. Less than a year later, Google released Google Now.

To see how the two voice recognition based services stack up against one another, CNET put together a fun and interesting little video face-off between the two.

via CNET

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