Nothing says narcissist like wearing Google Glass on a date

Why would anyone even consider doing such a thing?

Rosa Golijan, writing at, poses this question in a headline: "Will Google Glass destroy your love life?"

She means can you wear Google Glass on a first date.

The obvious answer, of course, is yes, yes you can ... as long as you're not interested in there being a second date.


However, Golijan disagrees. She insists that wearing Google Glass is "not a deal breaker," at least not if you give your date fair warning and take care to manage the inevitable "awkward moments." And she says she has arrived at this conclusion after a half-dozen Google Glass-wearing dates, at least one of which she claims was a second one.

It's a head-shaker of a proposition, so let's give it a moment's thought. Let's imagine that initial conversation, the fair warning part.

"Is it OK if I wear Google Glass on our date?"

My answer to that question would be a question: "Is it OK if I watch the football game on my phone?"

But I'm a dinosaur.

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As for the "awkward moments," they mainly involve the fact that anyone wearing Google Glass immediately becomes the center of attention, which can be problematic when a parade of strangers simply can't resist interrupting that already stressful first-date conversation with Glass-related questions and pleas to give the gadget a try.

Now there's nothing wrong with wanting to be the center of your date's attention. But there's everything wrong with wanting to be the center of attention of everyone in the room.

Golijan counters by noting that this nuisance is sure to wane once the novelty wears off and we're all donning our Google Glasses when out for a night of fine dining.

Which should be right around the same time we're arriving at those restaurants on our Segways.

Here's how the post ends:

"Despite such awkward moments, and despite scoldings from dating experts, I intend to continue wearing Glass on my romantic outings. But I concede that I might not keep it on the whole time. Perhaps taking Glass off - whether consciously or instinctively, whether setting it on the table or stashing it in a bag - may just become my new tell, a sure sign of budding affection."

Sweet. She digs me enough to take the computer off her head.

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