Your favorite tech companies/products get sassy new slogans courtesy of Reddit thread

Adobe, Internet Explorer, Geek Squad among those offered new slogans among Reddit post

A red-hot Reddit thread on "If companies had realistic slogans what would they be?" generated more than 16,000 comments over the weekend, including some very appropriate and inappropriate (as in, NSFW) suggestions for some of the best known technology companies.

We've all had the official corporate slogans drummed into our heads via ads, live presentations and social media. Cisco welcomes us to the human network. AT&T appeals to our greed with "More is Better." And Microsoft was schilling its Windows 8 software behind the mantra of "Be What's Next."

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But here's what the would-be (and perhaps actual) marketers of the Reddit world offered up in the AskReddit subreddit for some of your favorite and perhaps least favorite technology companies:

*Apple: It's new. Buy it

*Adobe: An update is available

*Internet Explorer: your number 1 browser for downloading other browsers

*Geek Squad: Let us Google that for you

*Norton: The "anti-virus" virus

*AOL: Still here

*AVG: Using all your processing power so you can't run viruses!

And an appropriate finale:

*Facebook: everything you've already seen on reddit 3 days later

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