6 great videos from CITE 2013

Consumerization trends and some cool product demos captured on video

Earlier this week I attended the second annual CITE Conference (Consumerization of IT in the Enterprise), held in San Francisco (Disclaimer: The conference is produced by IDG Enterprise, the company I work for). As always, I was there with my video camera to capture some interviews and get some product-related demos from companies at the show. Here are the six videos we shot, showing a variety of interviews and products:

Gary Hamel on Hacking ManagementThe show's keynoter, Gary Hamel, gave CITEworld Editorial Director Matt Rosoff an interview following his presentation. Hamel, a renowned business author, chatted about how consumerization trends would next affect business from an organizational structure - companies that survive and adapt may have different hierarchies than corporations have had in the past. Hamel uses the analogy of companies that hold "hackathons" to create new products to emphasize that future companies will "hack their management structure" to provide more power to frontline workers than ever before. Hamel is a fascinating figure with some very interesting ideas about how we'll all work in the future:

Touring the Executive Petting Zoo of gadgets

Anyone visiting my office will often see an array of gadgets, boxes and other devices strewn about, but when I travel I try to keep the gadget bag as limited as possible. At the CITE conference, we ran into Douglas Neal, a research fellow at Leading Edge Forum, who has to travel with a multitude of devices as part of his job. His "Executive Petting Zoo" is used to show executives the latest and greatest devices and how they work, so IT leaders can make better informed decisions about what will (or won't) work at their companies. At the show, Neal gave us a demonstration of what's currently in his bag of goodies.

Up close with Altia Systems' PanaCast

Part of the events at the conference included demonstrations from companies that were at the April DEMOMobile event. I was able to get some time with Altia Systems to record a video of their PanaCast device, a round puck-like unit that includes six video cameras to record a panoramic video and stream it over the cloud. It's a fascinating device and the price tag should make it very accessible for new video applications in the future.

Up close with Volio's video/voice recognition technology

Another DEMO company showing at CITE was Volio. They gave us a demonstration of their new tool, which integrates speech recognition technology with video responses to enable a two-way interaction between an end user and a "virtual assistant". While it's more than "Siri with video", the applications that could result from such technology are fascinating to watch.

BMC's MyIT app helps employees receive IT services

Another company providing a mobile app experience was BMC Software, which was at the show demonstrating its new MyIT app. The mobile app ties into existing BMC software that a company may already have for its IT service management offerings, but does it on a mobile device (an iOS-based phone or tablet). In the example used in the video, the MyIT app would be used by a new employee at the company to help them receive IT services (including provisioning of phone, printer and other services) a lot more quickly than trying to pick up a phone or send an email for support requests.

OutSystems demos its mobile app creation platform

On the show's expo floor, I got a quick demonstration from the OutSystems crew, which was showing off its platform for companies to quickly build and change mobile apps for multiple platforms. While a company may have existing apps for mobile devices, the quick amount of change that goes on in the mobile device world (new models, OS, etc.) makes it difficult to have mobile apps that also change. Within the scope of a few minutes (at least for the demonstration), OutSystems showed how their platform can make adjustments to improve the app experience for employees.

For continuing coverage of CITE-based issues (including BYOD and mobile device / app management), be sure to visit CITEworld on a regular basis.

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