Video of late Citrix founder Ed Iacobucci on his job interview with Bill Gates

Plus, more memories of IBM veteran & entrepreneur Iacobucci

The passing of Citrix founder and more recently, VirtualWorks CEO, Ed Iacobucci is sparking an outpouring of sadness and memories as this bad news spreads.

We've summed up the basic facts in this piece, but here are a few more items worth checking out:

*A 2011 video in which Iacobucci describes interviewing at Microsoft for a CTO of networking job back in 1989 and his interactions with Microsoft execs Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer. He draws laughs from the crowd attending the panel on which he speaks as he refers to his assumption that Microsoft had already made all of its money by then. Iacobucci worked closely with Microsoft while at IBM, on the OS/2 operating system, and also while at Citrix.

*Here's an old Citrix ad making the rounds on Twitter and featuring Iacobucci

Today we are remembering @Citrix Founder Ed Iacobucci, may he rest in peace!

— Entisys Solutions (@Entisys) June 21, 2013

*And here's an article Network World did back in 2005 on Iacobucci's DayJet venture for on-demand jet flights in Florida. The business did get off the ground, but fell victim to tough financial times in 2008.

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