1,776 snap up free ‘iPhone Liberation Kits’ in mere minutes

And another 9,000 go for the price of shipping


They went so fast you might think iFixit was giving away tickets to Apple's instantly sold-out WorldWide Developers Conference.

Nope. We're talking about the free pentalobe screwdrivers that iFixit promised to give iPhone users a few weeks ago. The tool is needed to get at the innards of an iPhone because Apple secures the devices with pentalobe screws instead of the standard Philips variety.

Why 1,776? Remove the comma from the number.

From an email sent by iFixit moments ago:

We kicked off Liberation Week bright and early yesterday morning, offering two free iPhone Liberation Kits to the first 1,776 people who signed up. We thought the kits might go quickly; we didn't expect they would go this quickly. In exactly 16 minutes, 1,776 people snapped up every one of the 3,552 Liberation Kits we set aside for free-shipping included.

Of course, we wanted everyone to have a Liberation Kit. So, we dropped the price of our remaining Liberation Kits for the iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 down to $0.00 + shipping. By day's end, we had given away over 9,000 Liberation Kits; the count is now 10,600. That's 10,600 iPhones that will soon be liberated. Every replaced pentalobe screw is a powerful symbol of our resistance: We will not be locked out of our phones!

(They said the iPhone would be a flop.)

The company says it will continue to ship "Liberation Kits" for only the cost of shipping until July 5 ... or they run out of stock.

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