John Malkovich makes Redditor a voicemail greeting

Recipient says: 'Benjamins of the world: you're welcome!'

So actor John Malkovich is doing an "As Me Anything" session on Reddit and a guy has this brilliant idea for a question: "Could you record a voicemail greeting for me and upload it somewhere? My name is Benjamin and aside from that I give you full creative freedom. Thanks, Mr. Malkovich."

Malkovich's reply: "Doing it as we speak. Please (private message) your email address."

Benjamin: "Confirming receipt of the greeting and it is awesome! ... "

Take a listen:

Shortly thereafter, Benjamin shared his bounty with the crowd:

"Here is a crappy version that I had to re-record from my phone to soundcloud. I'll post the source file to soundcloud and link on reddit later today when I get to a PC. ... Benjamins of the world: you're welcome!"

I'm sure they will appreciate it.

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And here's the photo Malkovich provided to Reddit as the proof of identity required for all AMA sessions: 


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