Nutanix Launches New Partner Network

The IT consumption model is changing, and so is the way that companies engage with potential customers.

Most organizations do not gain a competitive advantage or drive revenue based on their server, storage, and network implementations; they accelerate growth through improved business processes and well-planned application implementations, which in turn drive productivity. Nutanix is driving this concept home with its technology and go-to-market strategy.

Nutanix has developed what ESG refers to as a modular appliance (MA), an infrastructure platform that consolidates servers, storage, management, and hypervisor into a single 2-U rack-mountable appliance, called Nutanix Virtual Computing Platform. The design pools local compute and storage resources and ensures that all VMs can access available storage anywhere in the cluster, from any node. A modular building-block design, Nutanix Platform enables organizations to start with a 4-node system (integrated into a single appliance) for small deployments and scale linearly by adding additional nodes for large cluster installations. Dynamic cluster technology self-discovers new Nutanix nodes, which are added to the cluster without disruption, providing simplified scale-out. IT can mix various Nutanix node types-compute- or storage-heavy-to best suit a particular environment or workload.

ESG covers other MAs and a comprehensive coverage of integrated computing platforms (ICPs) in our recently published Market Landscape Report: Integrated Computing Platforms.

The IT consumption model is changing, as is the way companies engage with potential customers. Nutanix recently announced its Nutanix Partner Network program to expand its rapidly growing reseller channel, a move designed to accelerate Nutanix's growth in the market as well as accurately target customers with a value proposition that aligns with the benefits of ICPs. Nutanix is sold 100% through the channel and relies on this GTM strategy to educate IT on the value of its solutions, grow mindshare, and communicate to IT teams the ways that Nutanix helps to reduce risk without compromising performance.

The company has roughly 200 partners worldwide and is actively looking for new partners with expertise in virtualization. The Nutanix Partner Network program is designed to offer channel benefits, including support services to identify and close new opportunities quickly as well as secure follow-on business. Coupling this with discounts, deal registration, and availability of marketing funds creates an opportunity for new partners to invest and build a growing, profitable practice. As I describe in Turning Sheds Into IT Infrastructure, growing interest in ICPs reflects a change in mentality inside the IT organization away from DIY infrastructure builds. Accordingly, Nutanix channel strategy will likely involve a steep education curve as well as questions from customers about other leading ICP vendors such as Dell, IBM, HP, and Cisco. Targeting the right market segment and use case and setting the table early will help Nutanix and its GTM channel partners bring home the bacon.

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