Apple aggressively hiring new employees to work on iWatch project

A recent report indicates that Apple has ramped up hiring to bolster its iWatch team.

The Financial Times on Sunday shed some more light on one of Apple's most mythical and long-rumored projects - the iWatch.

Indeed, everytime Tim Cook sits down for an interview, we hear snippets from the Apple CEO detailing how wearable technology is an extremely interesting market. What's more, rumors that Apple has been working on an iWatch have lingered for quite some time.

While it was initially believed that Apple would release such a watch sometime in late 2013, the latest buzz from the rumor mill suggests that we may not see Apple's take on an iWatch style device until late 2014.

Adding some credence to such rumors was yesterday's Financial Times report, which adds that Apple has been aggressively hiring engineers and other personell in an effort to hasten getting the iWatch into production.

The company has begun hiring “aggressively” for the project in recent weeks, say people familiar with Apple’s plans for the wearable device, a move that shows it has stepped up development but which raises questions over the ability of its own engineers to develop wearable technology.

As Apple moves from iPods, iPhones and iPads into an entirely new category of product, it is looking beyond its existing staff in Cupertino for the talent required to build it – an indication that the endeavour involves “hard engineering problems that they’ve not been able to solve,” according to one source.

Of course, this begs the question: just what type of features will be reliant on these "hard engineering problems" that Apple can't solve.

While no Apple product is ever official until an Apple executive trots out on stage and actually introduces it, the evidence pointing towards an iWatch has only gotten stronger in recent months. Remember that Apple in recent weeks has filed a number of trademark applications for the term 'iWatch' in a number of countries across the globe. 

You might also remember previous reports which indicated that Apple, under the guidance of Jony Ive, has about 100 employees from a variety of departments working on the iWatch initiative.

There has also been speculation that Apple's recent hire of Paul Deneve, who previously worked at Yves Saint Laurent, is an indication that work on the iWatch is ramping up.

Also interesting is that the Financial Times relays that Apple, which doesn't often acquire many companies, is on the lookout for companies with expertise in wearable technology.

Apple’s iWatch recruitment drive has included seeking out acquisitions of early-stage start-ups working on connected devices. Making so-called “acqui-hires” such as this has become common practice in Silicon Valley, where engineering talent carries a high premium, even for top companies such as Apple.

And so the story of the mythical iWatch continues. 

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