Fake Seinfeld Twitter account leads to real sitcom job

Author of Modern Seinfeld hired to write for Fox’s ‘Us & Them’


Some of us felt within its first 24 hours that the author or authors behind a novelty Twitter account called Modern Seinfeld were funny enough to write for a real sitcom.

Turns out we were right, as The Hollywood Reporter says the Fox sitcom "Us & Them" has added former BuzzFeed writer Jack Moore to its writing staff based at least in part on Moore's contributions to the Seinfeld Twitter account.

Moore tells The Hollywood Reporter that the Twitter account was "uniquely positioned" to help him. "I was basically pitching storylines, which is a huge part of being on a writing staff. Here's 400 [of them] that illustrated a skill set."

The premise of Modern Seinfeld is simple: What if the TV sitcom Seinfeld had never gone off the air? Hilarity ensues.

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When I wrote about Modern Seinfeld last December it was less than a day old and had already attracted 28,000 followers. Today it has 619,000.

And has landed one writer one job.

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