Tesla statue overlooking Niagara Falls: Closest I came to finding a networking angle on our summer vacation

Scientist/inventor overlooks the Niagara Falls horseshoe in Canada; a different sort of network along the Hudson

Like most (all?) of you, I'm cursed with finding it difficult to leave work behind while on vacation, especially when connected by smartphone or other devices. Sure enough, on a family vacation to Niagara Falls in Canada last month I couldn't help looking around for the "networking angle" on the sites we saw.

Fortunately, I didn't see much, but this statue of Nikola Tesla overlooking the horseshoe falls did catch my eye. The statue is situated across the road from the falls, so isn't necessarily simple for most tourists to check out on their way (another statue of Tesla sits on the New York side of the Falls). The statue was erected in Queen Victoria Park in 2006 and depicts him standing atop an AC motor.

Tesla is so honored with a monument in this prime Canadian location for his work with George Westinghouse on the world's first major hydroelectric power plant.

Not being a Telsa expert, I did take a quick look back at his accomplishments and learned that he had his hand in telephony early on in his career, working for the Budapest Telephone Exchange.

Tesla was also a wireless innovator, though his richly funded Wardenclyffe Tower in New York failed to deliver the intercontinental wireless transmission breakthrough he sought. However, this can easily be forgiven in light of Tesla's so many accomplishments, including his work with alternating current, electric motors and rotating magnetic field. His legacy continues to be honored in many ways, from the statues to the name of Tesla Motors, the electric car company.

P.S. I thought I might have stumbled onto another network-related item on our way up to Canada, while passing through Albany and venturing onto a footbridge called the River Way to a path alongside the Hudson River. But it turns out the network depicted in this mural is actually of the canal network...

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