There are tragedies and then there are sunset photos

It’s always important to keep life’s problems in perspective

While it's true that I am easily amused, I cannot be the only one who read this headline on Slate today and laughed.


The tragedy of the sunset photo?

Tragedy? ... Talk about your first world problems.

So I skimmed the story fearful that perhaps my chuckling may have been somehow inappropriate. Perhaps scores of photographers taking sunset photos are absentmindedly falling over cliffs or off apartment balconies. Maybe these sunset-obsessed shutterbugs are ignoring admonitions about staring into the sun and damaging their eyesight.

Alas, no, it would seem that the "tragedy" here is that too many people are taking too many damn sunset photos - more precisely, too many unappealing photos of otherwise beautiful sunsets. And then, as if that's  not tragic enough, these sunset abusers are foisting this boatload of crappy sunset snaps upon the innocent eyes of Instagram users, among whom number the story's author, who joined Instagram just last week.

An entire week of insufferably slipshod sunset photos.

Oh, the humanity.   

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