Unified Communications Buyers Guide

The Top 10 Requirements for a UC Solution

We occasionally suggest outside reading for our subscribers, and today we’d like to highlight a white paper “Unified Communications Buyers Guide: The Top Ten Requirements for a UC Solution” written by Larry Hettick -- yes the same guy pictured in this newsletter. We’ve been covering VoIP, Convergence, and (more recently) Unified Communications for Network World since July 2000, and this buyers guide includes analysis, observations and recommendations based on that experience. 

Unified Communications (UC) has come a long way since Voice over IP (VoIP) was first introduced to the enterprise nearly two decades ago, evolving both as a technology and as a platform that can substantially improve the way we do business. 

Although VoIP remains the foundation for UC systems, in the past ten years UC solutions have also added collaboration tools such as:

•             Contact center features, presence, and video conferencing support;

•             Individual employee efficiencies like unified messaging and “bring your own device” (BYOD) support;

•             Underlying infrastructure upgrades such as virtualization, enhanced management systems, and improved reliability.

Early adopters who want to update their original UC solution or first time UC buyers may find it difficult to keep up with evolving UC feature sets, so this document offers an overview of the current “top ten” requirements to consider for a premise-based UC solution.  Along the way, mandatory and optional features are called out.  

ShoreTel sponsored the guide, and at the conclusion of the guide, UC solutions from ShoreTel are objectively assessed-- together with a case study from a multi-national enterprise that corroborates the ShoreTel UC assessment.

A free download of the guide is available at Webtorials, so if you’d like a copy, please click here: http://www.webtorials.com/content/2013/08/unified-communications-buyers-guide-the-top-ten-requirements-for-a-uc-solution.html .

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