Put more personality in presentations with Personify Live

Personify Live adds you into your presentations using depth sensing camera tech

There's a big difference between presenting a product or service in person and doing so over the Internet. In person you can establish a relationship with your audience and they, in turn, can relate to you. But when you use an online service such as Webex or GoToMeeting to share your screen or you record a video of a slideshow to show online you become a disembodied voice and your audience doesn't have a chance to see a human side to your presentation.

So, if you'd prefer to maximize the impact of your presentations you might want to check out a new service called Personify Live which inserts a realtime video image of you on top of the content you're sharing.

Personify Live works with depth-sensing camera systems (only the Microsoft Kinect for Windows and the Asus Xtion Pro Live are currently supported) to figure out where the presenter. The software then edits the video on the fly to remove the background image which is essentially what chroma key (also known as "green screen") does but Personify Live requires no backdrop cloth, painted wall, or any other preparations. The result is only the objects within the desired range of the camera will be kept in the frame which gets overlaid on whatever is shown on the computer screen.  

Here's a demo of a sales presentation:

Of course the sound and presenter's delivery could be much improved but even so, the results are impressive and, most importantly, cheap to achieve compared to traditional methods of video production. You can find an example of a much more polished presentation on Personify's site.

There are also smartphone apps for iOS and Android you can use to remotely control both video and slide changes. 

Personify plans to offer another service, zChat, which, when it's released, will support multiple presenters in a single virtual space.

This is not only a great idea it's also invaluable if you want to improve the quality of your presentations.

Personify Live is priced at $19.99 per month which provides 200 hours of hosting and 10GB of storage. The service is also available with an Asus Xiton Pro Live camera for $199 and includes three months of service.

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