Up to 44% of Americans lie about Googling themselves

Honestly, people, what’s the big deal?

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research to mark Google's 15th birthday last week, just under half of Americans want the rest of us to buy the generally absurd assertion that they have never typed their own name into a search engine box just to see what turns up.


I do not believe the 44 percent who make this claim.

I do believe you if you say you've never Googled yourself; you wouldn't lie about such a trivial thing, especially knowing the chances of being laughed at are so great. But a whole lot of other people would lie about it ... and apparently did.

Next they'll want us to believe that they've never Googled their ex-spouse or college roommate or the jerk who gave them a hard time in high school or the girl they had a crush on in eighth grade ... Oh, stop with the stalker nonsense; you've done it, too.

And if you've done any of those searches you've almost certainly searched on your own name because searching on your own name is a gateway drug in this context.

So what's the problem with the admitting something as innocuous as wanting to know what the Internet is saying about you behind your back. You should know, if for no other reason than you don't want to be the last among your family, friends and coworkers who does.  And you certainly don't want to find out in a job interview.

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Yes it's called a "vanity search" and no one wants to admit to being vain, but we're all grownups here and in reality there's no longer the slightest taint of stigma attached to self-Googling.

And if you've honestly never done it - never, not once -- go ahead. You know you want to.

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