Ghost of Red Sox past haunts Fenway Park subway stop

On eve of World Series, Kenmore station reeks of 2012 failure


A fellow who plays in my fantasy baseball league flagged this admittedly minor indignity ... and while it's far afield from typical Buzzblog fare, I can't help but share as we anxiously await the beginning of the World Series tomorrow night.

After all, it's been 14 months since Red Sox management bamboozled the Los Angeles Dodgers into a lopsided trade that sent a trio of Boston's malcontent ballplayers - Josh Beckett, Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez -- packing for the West Coast, along with their gazillion-dollar contracts. This housecleaning enabled the team to make a number of quality free-agent signings and was the move most responsible for the team's 2013 resurgence.

So what's up with the nearly life-size photograph of Beckett still adorning a ticket booth at Boston's Kenmore subway station, which not incidentally is the closest stop to Fenway Park?


Memo to Boston transit officials: Do something about this - even a quick coat of paint - because it's well past time.

(Update, Oct. 23: Wow! That was fast: Beckett out, Lester in.)

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