Microsoft to can Skype API, third party products will not work

Skype's Desktop API will stop working this December and so will lots of add-ons

If you've recently fired up Skype you may have noticed a dialog box with a warning appear briefly (at least on OS X) then vanish. If you're fast enough to catch it you'll find that it's warning you that some application you're using that works with Skype will stop working in December, 2013. This applies to all sorts of software supporting headsets, cameras, ... you name it.

The cause of this annoyance is that Microsoft, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that Skype's Desktop API is to be retired because "it doesn't support mobile application development" and:

We've been working hard to develop new technologies and make improvements that will benefit Skype users across all platforms, especially on mobile devices. These changes will significantly improve the call quality and speed of delivery of instant messages, while retaining excellent battery life of mobile devices.

The only type of device that Microsoft has anything to say about is headsets on which audio will still work though not their call control buttons ... but that's not the only device type to worry about: What about cameras? I have a Logitech Broadcaster Wi-Fi Webcam (I reviewed this product last April) and that's what Skype's is warning me about.

It will be interesting to see just what Microsoft does for the vendors of Skype compatible products. If you want to hassle Mcirosoft to make sure the apps and devices you've purchased to work with Skype still work after December this year then start Skype and go to Help then Give feedback ...

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