Phone Halo's TrackR devices make it harder to lose your stuff

Your family may never have to hear "Have you seen my ... " again

The average American, it is reported, spends 16 minutes every day looking for things they have misplaced. Some of us spend far longer. 

A high-tech answer is a device I reviewed some time ago, the TrackR from Phone Halo. The TrackR is a small tag (2.6" by 1.7" by 0.15" - small enough to fit inside your wallet) that you attach to anything you'd rather not lose. The tag communicates with the free Android or iOS TrackR app via low power Bluetooth and its batteries last for up to 2 years.

The Phone Halo TrackR tag

So, when you want to find whatever a TrackR tag is connected to you just press the app's Sound Alarm button and the tag emits a high pitched sound which makes it easy to locate. Alternatively, if you press the recessed button on the TrackR tag and the app is running, your phone will ring. 

Of course losing track of both your phone and your TrackR tag could be a problem but as the app can track up to ten tags at the same time you could always attach a tag to your refrigerator so you could find your missing phone even when the first tag has gone AWOL.

The TrackR app also geo-locates the TrackR tags so you know where you last left whatever it is you've lost and if you completely lose it or have it stolen the TrackR community "is put on alert. When another user walks by your item, you will be updated with the item's latest location." Nice! Crowd-sourced tracking!

Reasonably priced at $29.95 for one tag, $39.95 for two, $79.95 for four, and $84.95 for 5 the TrackR is a great solution for those of us who forget where we put our stuff. 

Phone Halo also offers a free Headset TrackR which helps you find Bluetooth headsets notifying you when the headset goes out of range ('ve left your headset behind).

Of course one of the most important things many of us repeatedly lose is our spectacles and, if your eyesight is like mine, trying to find our glass without our glasses is about as annoying as it can get. Unfortunately the TrackR is a little too large to attach to glasses so Phone Halo has come up with a solution: Glasses TrackR.

Launched as an Indiegogo project on November 8, the Glasses TrackR adds a small tag to the end of one of the arms of your specs.

Other than the new form factor the Glasses TrackR will be more or less identical in operation to the TrackR and will be similarly priced.

So, no longer do we need to worry about losing that brief case or that suitcase or those really expensive sunglasses ... and no longer will our families and coworkers have to hear us say, yet again, "Have you seen my ..."

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