gogoNET LIVE 4! IPv6 Conference Recap

IPv6 conference provide information to both physical and virtual attendees

There have been many IPv6-related conferences, seminars, and events over the past decade. These events have aimed to educate the attendees about IPv6 and the potential of the maturing Internet protocol. This year’s gogoNET IPv6 conference shows just how far these events have come. The gogoNET LIVE! events have also evolved into a hybrid on-site and virtual event that brings the conference proceedings to the widest audience. This article cover’s this year’s event and how you can freely access the conference materials.


The gogoNET social networking site for IPv6-related discussions and knowledge sharing was started by gogo6.  gogo6 is a manufacturer of IPv6 transition products using a server platform (gogoSERVER), a small CPE device (gogoCPE), and client software (gogoCLIENT).  These products allow organizations and individuals to connect to the IPv6-enabled Internet when they are trapped behind IPv4-only access networks.

The gogoNET LIVE! conference is an IPv6-focused IT event that grew out of the gogoNET community site as a way to facilitate more in-person and virtual collaboration on IPv6.  This year is the fourth year of this IPv6 event that has been held in the San Francisco Bay area.  These events have been put on with support of the California IPv6 Task Force (CAv6TF).

This year’s event was both an on-site event as well as an event that could be viewed by others remotely.  There were about 50 “On-Site” attendees and many of these people were presenters.  The physical conference took place at the Plug and Play Tech Center in the Sunnyvale area.  There were between 100 and 200 “On-Line” attendees watching the event in real-time.  The content from the event is archived and provided for free to almost 50,000 “On-Demand” attendees.  This is beneficial to many people who may not be able to travel to the conference.  The virtual event has the lowest carbon footprint yet allows a large number of people to participate.

The gogoNET LIVE! presentations could be viewed in real time by the attendees of the conference.  People could attend the conference online through the “Virtual Pass” can see the presentations as they are happening and send in questions and interact remotely with the presenters.

You can watch the videos of this year’s event and previous year’s conference on the gogo6.com web site.

There is also a gogo6-specific YouTube Channel that is free to access and contains all of the archived video materials.

The streaming content was made available immediately but will be edited and archived on the YouTube Channel.  Here is the link to the Day 1 (Wednesday November 13) and Day 2 (Thursday November 14) conference proceedings.

Day 1 (Wednesday November 13) conference proceedings.

Day 2 (Thursday November 14) conference proceedings.

The gogoNET LIVE! event On-Site attendees are mostly the presenters for the conference.  This group of people at the event at the leaders and experts in the field of IPv6.  The presenters get asked questions by the industry experts and the attendees get to listen to the back-and-forth between the very knowledgeable On-Site attendees.  This year’s gogoNET LIVE! has a model that is similar to the Tech Field Day events.  These Tech Field Day events gather together experts in specific IT fields (networking, storage, wireless, and virtualization) and then have vendors share presentations.  The events are captured for remote viewing and the expert attendees share their thoughts through social media channels.

Internet of Things:

This year’s theme for the gogoNET LIVE! event was the “Internet of Things”.  IPv6 is evolving and the industry is realizing the potential of IPv6’s immense addressing space to connect more devices to networks.  There was a pre-conference tutorial on the Internet of Things (IoT) taught by Joachim Lindborg – CTO, Systems Architect, Sustainable Innovation AB.  Joachim also presented a keynote address about how the IoT movement will need substantial IP addresses and IPv6 is key to the deployment of these types of technology.

There was also a group of presentations on Thursday related the IoT.

  • Scaling the Web to billions of nodes: Towards the IPv6 “Internet of Things” by Carsten Bormann – Universität Bremen TZI & IETF WG Chair
  • IoT Field Area Network Solutions & integration of IPv6 Standards by Patrick Grossetete – Technical Marketing Engineer (IoT), Cisco
  • IETF 6TiSCH, a New Standardization Effort to Combine IPv6 Connectivity with Industrial Performance by Xavier Vilajosana – Teacher/Researcher, UC Berkeley

Emphasis on IPv6 Security:

Although not a major theme of the event, there were many presentations on IPv6 Security.  In recent years there has been an increasing interest in the new security considerations of IPv6 and how the methods differ from how IPv4 networks have historically been protected.  On Thursday there was several hours of IPv6 Security presentations.

  • How to Securely Operate an IPv6 Network by Eric Vyncke – Distinguished System Engineer, Cisco
  • IPv6-Enabled (Cyber-) Security The Shifting Security Paradigm by Joe Klein – Expert Cyber Architect, SRA International
  • IPv6 DoS Attacks by Sam Bowne – Teacher/Researcher, CCSF.  Sam has been teaching security and IPv6 for many years.  Sam presented a tutorial on how to prepare for the Hurricane Electric IPv6 certification. Sam maintains his web site that has an incredible amount of useful information and demonstrations.
  • There was also an interactive panel discussion on IPv6 Security and the 6 “Biggest risks in IPv6 security today”.


This year’s gogoNET LIVE! conference was educational and fun to attend.  The collaboration of the on-site attendees was tremendous and the on-line attendees felt that they were taking part in the live event but they didn’t have to travel to Sunnyvale.  Anyone who wants to see the conference presentations will be able to do so easily and freely for years to come.  The migration of this conference from a largely on-site event to a more virtual event allows for the IPv6 event to get the most amount of information out to the largest audience.


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