Hammerhead, a better way to navigate while cycling

Intuitive, elegant, and it doesn't distract you, the Hammerhead provides outstanding navigation

If you've ever tried to navigate using a smartphone while cycling you'll know full well that you took your life in your hands. By the time you've focussed on the map and your brain has decoded what you're looking at you've travelled far enough to be sliding on gravel or go careening into the side of a car. 

What's needed is a way that you can get directions from your smartphone without having to lose your focus and possibly your life and Hammerhead Navigation have one of the most interesting answers I've seen; the eponymous Hammerhead.

Shaped like "T" the Hammerhead communicates with an app running on your smartphone and indicates which way you should go to reach your destination using daylight visible LEDs that run across the bar of the "T". 

The Hammerhead cycling navigation system

For example, a right turn is indicated by the lights appearing to the right while the direction of your destination is shown by a single red LED. Watch the video to see what it's like in use:

With a battery life of around 20 hours, a built-in compass, off-road navigation, and integrated social sharing it's a pretty amazing package with a retail price of just $85.

Hammerhead's Dragon Innovation crowdfunding project, which aimed to raise $145,000, actually raised $190,086 indicating that this is a product with huge market appeal. This is a really great idea with outstanding design execution. Makes me want to start cycling again.

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