Jeff Bezos' future plans for Amazon include 30-minute delivery via drones

Jeff Bezos' future plans for Amazon are interesting to say the least

Yep, you read the headline correctly, folks. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos' vision of the future includes 30-minute same day delivery via drones. Bezos appeared on 60 Minutes last night where he talked to Charlie Rose about all things Amazon. The prime (no pun intended) take away was Bezos unveiling of Amazon's plans to someday to rollout a fleet of drones capable of dropping off packages to consumers via unmanned miniaturized helicopters, or octocopters if you wan't to be precise.

The plan, which you shouldn't expect to see anytime soon, would deliver packages weighing up to 5 pounds to rural areas within a 10 mile radius of Amazon fulfilliment centers. Naturally, the futuristic program is dubbed "Amazon Prime Air."

One area that needs to be worked out are various FAA regulations surrounding the flight of unmaned vehicles. Some more practical problems include the octocopters crashing into things or people, rambunctious kids and adults who might try and use the octocopters for target practice, and a host of other hypotheticals.

Say what you will about the plan, but it's refreshing to see a company like Amazon dreaming big.

Below is an Amazon-produced video depicting what Amazon Prime Air may look like many years into the future.

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